Rescuing a Shelter Dog with Nose Work

Too many Shelter Dogs are confined to a small cage for most of the day and night with little if anything to occupy their minds or drain their energy.  One of the newest ways to enrich their lives and watch them have fun is with new Urban Sport of Nose Work.  Nose Work allows them to do what they were born to do, that is use their nose.

This sport has been promoted by K9 Nose Work  via NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) For a more complete history of the sport and the founding of NACSW go to and get the complete story.  I was introduced to the sport by a story in the magazine BARK, summer 2010 issue


On July 29, 2011,  I had the pleasure of spending a day in a seminar led by one of the founders, Jill-Marie O’Brien and Kelly Dunbar, both certified K9 Nose Work instructors.

We spent the day working with Shelter Dogs, all of whom were new to Nose Work.  With just a few short sessions these dogs were very focused, motivated and most important happily hunting for some treats.   What a pleasure to watch a dog experience this sport.  It has become my primary focus in working with dogs.  How great it would be to see the Shelters adopt a K9 Nose Work program.

If you know of any shelters that may want to start some K9NoseWork classes or for more information email

For a schedule of upcoming Nose Work classes go to

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